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    Project 000

    Honeypotz Inc.

    Data integrity verification solution "E-Hornet" is based on KSI (keyless- signature-Infrastructure) industrial grade distributed ledger developed by Guardtime.

    KSI distributed ledger generates keyless-signatures with writing speeds of up to 10^15 records per second. Getaway's multiple points around the world provide low-latency access to KSI distributed ledger.

    KSI distributed ledger generates digital assets' signatures based on clean-state reference points.

    "E-Hornet" verifies the integrity of digital assets in real time by monitoring real-time configurations and comparing them to referenced signatures generated by KSI distributed ledger. If signatures don't match the system generates an alert for potential breach. When an asset gets infected by malware or an unauthorized configuration change takes place, the signatures change as well. To investigate the cause, assets can be ‘sandboxed’ or firewalled before further infection could spread



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